Centre of Gravity (CoG) matters

CoG can impact tee shot distance by 20+ metres

Below are two drivers with exactly the same loft. Let’s assume they also have the identical shaft and shaft length.

The white DOT marks the CoG
The white line through the centre of each driver represents the neutral axis. Almost all drivers have a CoG that is above this line. Both the distance above, and how forward or back the CoG is, will impact on the angle the ball actually launches, the amount of spin on the ball, and the amount of MOI (forgiveness the driver has).

The driver on the left will go further for a slower swing speed golfer as it will launch higher and with more spin. The driver on the right will go further for a more aggressive golfer with a faster swing speed because it will launch a little lower and spin a lot less.

The difference between CoG locations in drivers can be measured in millimeters, but the difference in distance can be measured in tens of metres.

CoG affects the launch conditions (angle and spin) and that significantly impacts on how far your ball will travel.

Fix your millimetres and metres

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