An easier game for all

This year the better players can go wild with everything. They can have forgiveness and extra distance on iron approach shots, without compromising look, feel, workability or control.

The Srixon 785 Irons have a compact look and better player feel. Two small innovations offer better players very important benefits. A thinner faster face is enabled by added mass behind the face. That means more ball speed and extra distance.

Without compromising the ability to shape shots, a new sole design improves interaction with the turf. The result you’ll experience is more consistent ball contact. That will improve your distance control and accuracy.

Fall in love with your game

Everyone wants to use a #7 iron instead of a #6 iron if they can. And who wouldn’t want a face that provided a more consistent ball speed from a larger area. Let’s add a fitting for the right shaft, shaft length, lie angle, and perfect grip, and it’s the start of a love affair.