Tremendous greenside spin and control

Next generation SpinSkin advertises an 18% improvement in spin rate off your Wedge. That’s a lot more control on shorter shots.

More control and stability in the wind

The next generation dimple pattern is aerodynamically designed to reduce drag, creating less wind resistance or impact. 

The chemistry of a softer feel and faster speed

It’s what allows this golf ball to have a softer, more responsive feel, yet to be very fast off the metalwood and faces of the longer clubs in your bag. 

Test the spin, test the feel yourself. See if we’ve got this right.

A preview image

Tell us about the difference to your game

The golf ball has come under a lot of scrutiny because of the advances in materials, chemistry and design. Spin performance and stability in the wind have seen huge advances, but the one that interests most of our golfers is the softer feel AND improved distance. Add the new generation SpinSkin and this is a golf ball you ought to try.

And once you’ve given it a try, send us your comment