A Fairway Wood needs easy launch off various lies

We also like the effortless distance

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By raising the balance point of the lighter shaft with a heavier head weight, the club becomes easier to swing around both pivots.
That promotes a much better release of the club head through impact, generating more club head speed without extra effort.

Along with the profile that creates a deeper CoG for higher launch, this metalwood
has a number of features to increase the size of the hitting zone and the amount
of flex the face provides. We think most golfers will get big consistency gains.

Too many golfers carry their Fairway Wood in the bag but don’t exploit the potential because it’s a difficult club to use.
The Srixon Z355 Fairway is an example of technology and design making it easier to play better golf.
Let’s see how much of an impact we can make to your consistency (and distance) with this new Fairway.

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