The Srixon Z355 Hybrid

By raising the balance point of the lighter shaft with a heavier head weight, the club becomes easier to swing around both pivots.
That promotes a much better release of the club head through impact, generating more club head speed without extra effort.

Along with the profile that creates a deeper CoG for easier
and higher launch, this metalwood has a face material and
design to increase the size of the hitting zone.

We think a Hybrid is an “opportunity” club(s) that almost all golfers should use to replace long and even mid Irons.
They’re easier to use, deliver far more consistency, and create so many more opportunities for both recovery and attack.
The Srixon Z355 Hybrid has reaffirmed the purpose of a Hybrid, ease of use, and strengthened those attributes.
Let’s see how much of an impact we can make to your consistency with this new Hybrid.

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