Think about your golf

If you’ve followed this article series you’ll know we’re asking you to examine some of your basic skills. This week, we’re greenside and we’re unsympathetic. But first a recap of what we asked you measure over 4 rounds over the last 3 weeks.

Fairways Hit

How many fairways have you hit and missed? We asked you to check your final score and see how much of a link there was between this stat and your final score. 

Average Par 3 score

What was your average score on Par 3’s where you could tee off with an iron? For those trying to break 90 and 85, these are opportunity holes.

# of shots from the 80 – 40 yard range

We think that for those looking to get below 85 and 80, this is a really important stat to measure. What’s your average to hole out from within this range?

Now, you’re greenside (not in the bunker) within 20 yards of the green. We strongly believe every one of our golfers should be averaging 3 or under from here.

If you’re not averaging under 3, then please come and see us. The proper technique for this shot is easy to teach. There are easy shots to save.

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