Faster through the turf with a more
centred mass for better feel
and more consistent spin

The new Cleveland Golf RTX-3 Wedges

With their RTX-3 Wedge, Cleveland Golf have made it easier for you to keep the clubhead moving faster through the turf and
to connect more solidly with better feel and loads of shot specific spin.

The weight of the hosel pulls the CG of most Wedges closer to the heel, causing the Wedge to rotate slightly on centred impacts,
reducing feel, spin and control. Cleveland Golf have used Feel Balancing Technology to solve this,
removing 9 grams of material from the hosel and repositioning it so the CG moves towards the centre of the clubface.

The result is improved feel,
distance control and spin.

The V-Shape grind on all RTX-3 Wedges reduces turf interaction, making it easier to maintain clubhead speed during your shot.
This improves spin performance and control. Your swing and playing style affect which grind suits you best.

Not only is the face laser milled for surface roughness as close as it gets to the conforming limit,
but the 2-pass micro-milling pattern is orientated relative to the loft of the club.
This puts you in the sweet spot of spin performance no matter which type of Wedge shot you’re playing.

Cleveland Golf tested the performance of their new RTX-3 Wedges against their previous RTX Wedge
and the differences were significant to say the least. Much tighter shot dispersion across the entire face!

RTX-3 Cavity Back option
for added forgiveness

This version of the RTX-3 Wedge maximises
the Feel Balancing Technology found in the
blade, making it perfect for players who
need added forgiveness.

The head is slightly larger and the moment
of inertia higher while a soft TPU insert
dampens vibration.

On top of the wide variety of fitting options available, you also have two distinctive finishes to choose from.

We’ll work with you to take all factors of your swing and game into consideration, trying out as many Wedge fitting combinations as possible to
find what works best for you.
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